OverDog product bottle
Hot dog on bun with condiments

Chicago-style hot dogs would not be the same without one essential condiment: celery salt. But all celery salts are not created equal.

OverDog™ Chicago Celery Salt is blended with the Chicago-style hot dog in mind, using a distinctly delicious balance of ingredients.

In fact, OverDog Chicago Celery Salt is so tasty it’d be a shame to limit its use to just hot dogs. Use it anywhere you’d use ordinary table salt — polish sausage, salads, soups, popcorn and Bloody Marys, just to name a few.

OverDog Chicago Celery Salt is another great product from CCC Brands. Blended and packed by Atlas Spice Traders and Kosher certified.

Ingredients: Salt, Ground Celery Seed, Spices, and Silicon Dioxide to prevent caking.

Certified Kosher, Chicago Rabbinical Council
34 oz. $8.95 ea.
Case of 12 $98.50 ea.